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Certain film and television production base, mainly involved in television advertising, MTV, television packaging, film post-CG MOVIE other fields. To this end the company has spent a lot with amazing courage, the introduction of the world's most powerful SGI (Silicon Graphic) ultra high-speed graphics workstation system --ONYX2, and equipped DISCREET - LOGIC synthesis technology company recently won the award for the late production system inferno, Alias / Wavefront company created a new era of character animation and visual effects software, Maya, and so the latest. In addition the company has also purchased the company produced the graphics workstations Octane, O2 sets of sections of the models, combined with the number of analog-compatible editors SONY DVW-A500P, digital cameras, analog editing machines PVW-2800 ...... which constitutes a beyond the ordinary and powerful production system, providing a two-dimensional film and television advertising production, 3D digital solutions that enable production levels compared with conventional equipment has unparalleled qualitative leap.